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The Veteran's WORK Book

Prepare to Jump INto aN Exciting new career!

Kevin “Dauber” Lacz is a former Navy SEAL sniper, breacher, combat medic and co-author of The Veteran's WORK Book.

When Lacz read The WORK Book, by Bill Hobbs, he immediately realized the need for a version for veterans transitioning out of the military and into a new civilian career.

Lacz shared, "Veterans with military experience can be valuable assets in the business world. In addition to job skills, they have experience leading, being led, and performing under pressure. However, it's necessary for veterans to learn how to function in their new environment."

This book is unlike any other book on the market:

-Show readers how to plan for and transition to the right career

-Teaches readers how to create a strong personal brand

-Offers keen insights on creating an effective resume, preparing for interviews, and negotiating with companies

-Facilitates immediate process application through worksheets that accompany text

-Can be read in less than two hours and applied immediately

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