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Standing out at a Career Fair Is Hard, but Hacking the Internship Is Easy.

Internships provide you with a valuable opportunity to hone the skills you learned in school through real-world practice. However, more often than not, landing an internship is difficult. Afterall, how do you set yourself apart from all of you classmates? You attend the same school, take the same classes, sometimes participate in the same clubs. You even attend the same career fairs where you all submit your resumes and hope with bated breath that you will have the one resume out of the hundreds recruiters receive that will get you the interview and hopefully the internship. Career fairs are great in that they let you know what is out there, but how do you put yourself out there in a way that shows you are different, driven, and the right choice for the companies that matter to you?

As a recent graduate, I understand the difficulty of trying to stand out and the feelings of anxiety that internship hunting can evoke. Having been through the process myself, I wanted to change how students perceive internship hunting, and to provide a method to help students show employers that they are more than a list of skills and experience on a piece of paper. I listed out the hacks I discovered to help me through the internship process and teamed up with Bill Hobbs to write a book to help students set themselves apart. The book, Hacking the Internship Process, delivers a variety of tools and methods to ease the stresses of applying to internships and helps students reach the right people.

One of the tools highlighted in the book is Rapportive. Rapportive allows you to reverse engineer email addresses. With Rapportive, you can build a powerful referral network, reach out to experts in your field, and reach out to recruiters and potential bosses. And with Hacking the Internship Process, you don’t have to be one of the 100s if not 1000s of students hoping to have their resume reviewed. You can be the first by passing along your resume to the people who decide whether you get the interview.

Once you read this book, I am confident that you will have the tools to get to the front of the line and land your dream internship. You can purchase the book here and please let us know how the hacks worked for you!

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