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Introducing The WORK Book Series's New Book: Hacking the Internship Process

I’ve spent much of my professional life in the business world working across industries with leaders in Fortune 500’s and founders in the Silicon Valley tech scene. There is a lot I have learned since my days as a student. A few years ago I wrote a book called The WORK Book: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Get Hired. The book has helped students understand the value of building and maintaining a strong personal brand. I wanted to get students thinking beyond their resumes. One way to do this is to participate in internships. Internships show employers that you have combined scholastic learning with practicable skills. That is, internships show, among other things, that you are able to take what you have learned in school and apply it to a profession.

After reading an article on Hacking the Internship Process by this book’s co-author Zach Schleien, I decided to team up with him, expand on the topic, and this book is the result of our efforts.

The goal of the book is to help guide you through the internship application process. We combine tactical approaches with technological tools and “hacks” so that you have the best chance of winning the internship of your dreams.

I had three internships throughout my college career, and the experience that I gained was foundational to discovering how business works in the real world. The internship experience, in turn, dramatically increased the value of my resume.

In addition to the demonstrating your capabilities, and developing job experience, internships help expand your network and increase your visibility in your chosen industry. This book is not a philosophical approach to what might work. Instead, this book is a tactical field guide to help you land your dream internship. We hope that you find the hacks useful as you work toward winning an internship and begin the journey towards a long and successful career.

~ Bill Hobbs

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