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"I...geared [The WORK Book] toward two sets of readers, the students that are preparing for a career for the first time, and for career changers that have always wanted to try to get into a new industry."

The WORK Book offers insights on how to build a personal brand while navigating the world of resumes, interviews and job offers. Used by the top schools in the country, The WORK Book helps students and graduates successfully prepare for both internships and careers. 


 Shows readers how to plan for and choose the right career

 Teaches readers how to create a strong personal brand

 Offers keen insights on creating an effective résumé, preparing for interviews, and negotiating with companies, including dealing with multiple job offers

 Facilitates immediate process application through worksheets that accompany the text

 Can be read in less than two hours and applied immediately

Fans Say

"We distribute The WORK Book in our career education courses to highlight the practical ways a student can improve their personal marketability and personal branding. It’s been an excellent resource added to our library, too."

Mark Brostoff

Washington University in St. Louis

"There are a plethora of career advice books on the market and many of them could be labeled tomes, but who has the time to read all that? Bill Hobbs has been able to present many of the key concepts necessary to conduct a well-organized and ultimately successful job search campaign in an easy to read workbook.”

Eugene C. Gentile

Rutgers Business School

The WORK Book is a very practical guide to help students understand work readiness. It is so obvious, but the professional disposition is what students miss the most when getting ready to enter the world of work.”

Bob Athwal

University of Leicester, UK

“I believe that this book is great for career professionals if they want a user guide for students enrolled in a career development class, a senior year experience program or capstone event. The activities allow a professional to guide students through awareness-building exercises and give the students the gift of processing that they rarely spend time doing as they transition from college to career.”

Meghan Lynn Godorov

Mount Holyoke College

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