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Hacking the INTERNSHIP Process


Bill Hobbs has teamed up with Zachary Schleien to pen the next installment in The WORK Book Series. 

Hacking the Internship Process is designed to maximize your internship application results.  The authors provide a smart, innovative methodology that leads readers through every aspect of winning their dream internship.  The book optimizes reader efficiency by combining the most modern technological tools with “hacks” proven to get results.  Follow simple steps in the book to build a powerful referral network, reach out to future bosses, ace interviews, and much more.  Hacking the Internship Process is the perfect guide to get you on the path to obtaining the internship you have always wanted and prepare for a successful career in the field of your dreams.

We will walk through how to land your ideal internship. Some of the topics covered are: finding the right internship for you, determining your goals, building a reliable network, connecting with employers, preparing for interviews, interviewing, following-up and closing, all while providing useful tips, hacks, templates, and real-life examples.

This is a thorough process.  I will provide you a methodology and structure to land an internship but you can spend as much or as little time prepare as you like.

The book is the combination of ideas from two different perspectives, an Employer and a Student.  The employer's perspective is covered by Bill Hobbs who has interviewed hundreds of people, Managed large P&L’s, Founded two companies, and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services across industries. The student’s perspective is covered by Zach Schleien, blogger and recent graduate of Syracuse University's Masters of Science program in Information Management.  Zach has recently navigated the internship process, hacked it, and helped his friends do the same. After a promising internship at a New York tech company, Zach used his techniques to land a full time job with a Fortune 500 CPG company.  

We give you the tools
We help you plan
We give you perspectives


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Zachary Schleien is a recent graduate receiving a Master of Science in Information Management from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University (Dec '15). He received his B.A. in History and a minor in Marketing ('12). He was a 2014-2015 Kauffman Entrepreneurship Engagement Fellow and has been invited by non-profits to talk on topics such as entrepreneurship and leadership. He currently works for Johnson & Johnson in their IT Leadership Development Program (ITLDP). He also runs an online food business with his mom called LIFT Protein Muffins, which offers a meal in a muffin. His passions lie in growth hacking, entrepreneurship, and nutrition.

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Bill Hobbs is an accomplished leader with a unique blend of Fortune 500, entrepreneurship, and tech startup experience who has successfully built top performing sales teams and has led large scale market expansions. He serves on the Board of Advisors for several leading software companies, and is a bestselling author. He is invited to share his experience on personal branding and career development by numerous colleges and universities. Bill is an expert in strategic change management, executive leadership, revenue strategy, organizational alignment, customer success, sales management and new market expansion.

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